our church

...is a place where you can be yourself. It's where you can belong before you even become. Here, you don't have to be like us to be loved by us. Our mission is to move people toward Jesus and  lead them to encounter Him through these 3 words:

reach | rescue | restore

Jesus has reached, rescued, and restored us & we exist to journey alongside you as you experience His powerful love for yourself.

God is still in motion. We share His movement through heartfelt worship & practical biblical truths. We invite each person & family, from all backgrounds, to join us every Sunday in the Arts District.

w   e   l   c   o   m   e       h   o   m   e



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continues this Sun

We are going through an in depth study on Paul's letter to the Church in the city of Philippi. We are asking questions on how we should respond to hardships, trials, and any challenges sharing the gospel.

sun, 10am

As We Dwell 1131 E. 5th St., Arts District, LA


Everything we do has a purpose and intentionality to it. The journey we're on is one that involves following Jesus, building community, serving others and loving our city.


We are looking for bold, risk-taking, high-energy, and passionate people to join our team.