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Fast 2019

Why do we fast as Jesus followers? Fasting is holding out from something so we can keep our focus on Jesus. And as a church, fasting with praying is vital in our walk with Christ. Let’s believe together what God can do, as He stretches our faith through fasting!

Types of fasting:

Full - water only (optional light juices)

Partial - No food during a specific time length (sunnup to sundown, usually a 10-hour window)

Daniel - Veggies and fruits (no meats, bread, and sugars)

You can fast as long as 21 days, or as short as a day. You can fast once or twice a week until the 21 days are up, or do three days in a row. It is really between God and you. But think about stretching yourself out of your comfort zone, as you pray and focus on Jesus. During your prayer time, this is when you can bring to the feet of Jesus, your concerns, burdens, or things you want God to do a miracle in as you pray and trust in Him to do great things beyond what you could ask for!

This journey will stretch your faith in God, and will teach you to believe Him even for the impossible.

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